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In 1934, several co-workers at the Kimberly-Clark Lakeview Mill gathered around a picnic table and founded Lakeview Credit Union. With assets totaling $10 and a membership of nine, the Fox Valley’s newest credit union came to life. Lakeview Credit Union’s first branch was a card table with hours from noon to one o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays in the lunchroom of the mill.

It’s a story that is very familiar for many credit unions formed in the shadows of the United States’ greatest financial crisis, the Great Depression. Like many Americans at the time, the members of Lakeview Credit Union were used to working hard for the things that they wanted. After five years of hard work and countless unpaid volunteer hours, the credit union was given its own dedicated space within the mill in 1939 and by 1968 the credit union found its first home outside of the mill.

After establishing their first location in the community, Lakeview Credit Union began to grow.  The years between 1968 and today were filled with renovations, excavations, mergers and new branch construction. Prior to the collaborative merger, Lakeview Credit Union had three branch locations serving the communities of Calumet, Outagamie, Winnebago and Waupaca Counties in WI, as well as employees of the medical services industry and employees and retirees of Kimberly-Clark Corp and Fox River Paper.

Throughout their 80-year history of serving the people of Wisconsin, Lakeview Credit Union continually demonstrated the importance of cooperative finance and concern for the community, routinely ending each year with a positive balance sheet and glowing reviews from their governing bodies.

In addition to serving the members during his more than 31 years at Lakeview Credit Union, CEO Pat Lowney has served as a volunteer on the Wisconsin Credit Union League’s Board of Directors and remained heavily involved in various financial, legislative and community committees, which he will continue to focus on in his new role as Senior Vice President

Moving ahead, Lakeview Credit Union’s longstanding history and reputation for providing the highest level of service and competitive products designed to meet the needs of  its’ members is an incredible asset to our newly formed credit union. Remembering Lakeview Credit Union’s roots, as well as the unique histories of all three credit unions moving forward, assists our newly formed credit union in capitalizing on the things that have allowed all of us to effectively serve our members throughout the years. We vow to continue searching for new opportunities to improve the products and services we offer.